Central States Orthopedics Services

To the SoccerCity Community,

SoccerCity Tulsa has partnered exclusively with Central States Orthopedics Services, one of the premier orthopedic and sports medicine providers in the Greater Tulsa Area.  Central States Orthopedics has provided sports medicine and orthopedic care in the Tulsa area for athletes and families of all ages for more than 30 years, and we are excited to now welcome their services and expertise on-site here at SoccerCity Tulsa.  During the Winter Sessions this year, Central States Orthopedics provides their Athletic Training Staff on-call and on-site at no charge to the SoccerCity Community.

Central States Orthopedics’ Athletic Training Staff is here for you!

  • CSO is available On-Call:
    A CSO Athletic Trainer is available at any reasonable time to answer any questions you may have, set up a free injury evaluation time, or get you scheduled the next day with any of their orthopedic and sports medicine physicians.  No more waiting for a doctor’s office appointment!  Call (918) 346-7800.
  • CSO is available On-Site:
    A CSO Athletic Trainer is On-Site at SoccerCity numerous days throughout the week during the winter session.  All SoccerCity Tulsa patrons may come and have any injury or condition evaluated at No Charge.

Grab a Central States Orthopedics Information Card at the SoccerCity Counter and give them a call.  They’ll make sure you  Get Seen, Get Heard, and Get Better.

As always, thank you for being a part of making SoccerCity Tulsa so successful.