Lil’ Kickers Soccer League

LKSL U7 and U10, Lil’  Kickers Soccer League 4v4

  • Ages  5*, 6, 7  = U7  (*5 year old invite only)
  •  Ages 8-10 = U10
  • No more than 6-8 players per team
  • Children must be currently enrolled in a Lil’ Kickers Micro class at SoccerCity.

You can either sign up your entire team or your kids individually.  Players that sign up individually will be placed on teams by SoccerCity.

Games will include a 5-10 min drill before game,  20 min halves (2 halves), and a 1 minute halftime. We will stick to the non-competitive philosophy of the Lil’ Kickers program. No scores or standings will be kept unless all families are ok with it.

Each registered LKSL player will use their red and blue uniforms. They will need to bring their uniform to each game.

We know families have plans and busy schedules, and it is absolutely fine with us to miss out on games. The only thing we ask is that we are informed about it in a timely manner. For weekends that a team is missing players, we will move kids around to make it fair play.

Cost is $64 per player (this will be in addition to a Lil Kickers Micro class).

To register, email David Coutinho at  This program is on a first come, first serve basis.  Each group has a maximum, so please do not hesitate.  (Please note, LKSL is separate from a Lil’ Kickers class.)

For information on our Lil’ Kickers classes, please email