How to Make Up a Lil’ Kickers Class

Step by step instructions for making up a Lil’ Kickers class:

* Visit  on the day of that you wish to do a make up

* Hover over the Lil Kickers tab or if viewing from your mobile device, click on the red menu button and scroll down to Lil Kickers

* Click on the current sessions class schedule

* Scroll to the day of that you are checking the schedule and look for your class listed. The online schedule only shows the available classes.  Full classes will not show on the schedule.

* If you see your class listed then you can plan to come that same day for your make-up.

* When you come in for your make-up, please stop by the desk to fill out a make-up slip to take to the coach on field

Please note: Make-ups do not have to be done in the same week of the missed class. They can be done before or after your missed class, whichever works best for your schedule. The only limitation on make-ups is that they need to be done in the same session. Make-up classes will NOT carry over into a new session.