Lil’ Kickers Policies

FREE Jersey Policy:
Lil Kickers jerseys are not mandatory for class. For your first day, please wear comfy clothes and tennis shoes to class. Once your child is dropped off at their field, parents can then come to the desk and pick up their free jersey (if they are available). For families in the parent/child classes, please stop by after your class.

**We are trying to avoid families waiting in line for their FREE jersey and missing the first 5 minutes of class**

Families will receive one free jersey when they pay or renew their annual membership. The jerseys are NOT included in the class price and are not given out at each session, but simply once a year when you pay and/or renew your membership. For renewing customers, we will give you the next size up in Jersey based on the size your child currently has.   Due to the challenge of pre-ordering correct sizes, jersey availability at the time of session start dates could be limited.

Class Coach Policy:
Our goal is to have the same coach and/or co-coach coaching the same classes each week in a session. However, we must also honor our coaches’ requests for sick days and scheduled time off, so a substitute coach may lead one or more of the classes throughout a session. The Lil’ Kickers program follows a set curriculum, so if a substitute coach is needed, he or she will be following the same scheduled lesson plan as the assigned coach would be if leading the class that day.

Class Makeup Policy:
Any missed class, besides a SoccerCity scheduled Holiday off, can be made up at any time during that same session.  Make ups will not carry over into the next session.

Makeup classes can be planned for any day or time that your class is listed on the schedule, but please check the online schedule the day of:

To make up a class, please check the online Lil’ Kickers schedule, on the day of, that you would like to attend a makeup class. The online schedule will only show the available classes.  FULL classes will not show.  As long as the desired class is showing available, the day of, you are welcome to attend that class for your makeup.

When you come in, please ask for a makeup slip at the desk to fill out and give to the coach of the class you attend.  Please do not just walk to the class.

**Based on the number of last minute registrations and walk ins, please avoid doing make ups during the first week of a new session**

**If you show up to a FULL class, you may not be able to participate. **

Severe Weather/Class Closings: (Tornadoes, Snow, Ice, etc..):
SoccerCity will do its very best to remain open at all times unless we feel it is unsafe to travel for both our customers and staff. Closing information will be sent out by email and posted on the website as soon as possible. In the event of SoccerCity closing, makeup classes will be scheduled with families by the director.

Please remember that classes are NEVER mandatory. You are allowed to makeup any missed class that is not a scheduled off holiday. If SoccerCity is open but you do not feel the roads are safe, do not come into class.  Instead, plan to do a make up at a later time when the roads are clear.

Refund Policy:
Refunds will not be given after the 3rd week of classes.  Missed classes will not be refunded or credited.  Please refer to the Class Make-Up policy.

Family Discounts:
2nd Child and Multiple Child discounts ONLY APPLY to children living in the same household






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