SoccerCity is a very high profile exposure opportunity with over 350,000 user visits in Oklahoma City and 250,000 in Tulsa. Most of the signage you see at either SoccerCity is from Sponsors, but we do also offer simple advertising opportunities.

  • Rates start at $1,800.00 for a single 4 foot by 8 foot wall wrap for a full year.
  • If you purchase two wall wraps, they are $1,650.00 each. 
  • This also includes a logo and web link to your business on the corresponding SoccerCity website.

The material is good 3M quality car wrap material designed to take a beating. The advertiser is responsible for the artwork, and SoccerCity will pay for the printing and installation.
Contact STAAR Solutions at (405) 749-1953 to arrange advertising at the SoccerCity location of your choice.